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Happy Birthday Sydney!

Last Friday, we celebrated Sydney’s 11th birthday.  We’re not quite sure of her actual birth date.  We adopted her as a pup from a rescue shelter when she was about 2 months old and we know she was born sometime in April, so we celebrate on the 30th.

She took a long walk with Dad to the park, which is a favorite activity.

There were presents, of course.  Salmon treats, special birthday cookies, and a raccoon toy.

Sorry about the blur, but Syd’s not much on posing and waiting when a Barkery cookie is involved.

A little coaxing was needed with the raccoon.  It’s really soft and there’s no stuffing inside (no stuffing to pull out when those mysterious little wholes pop up at the seams).  But once she discovered the two squeakers . . . Gimme the toy 🙂

Sydney has such energy and bounce.  She’s incredibly intelligent and curious.  Sweet and funny.  And she’s devoted to her people … who adore her.

Happy Birthday, Piddle!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sydney!

  1. Sidney! Happy birthday! It really looks like you had a wonderful day! And you look really good for your age. Your mom and dad must be taking wonderful care of you I am sure. I hope you enjoy your raccoon (it did look a bit weird so no wonder you were not sure about it at first!). I’m sure if MaggieMae saw that she’d be jealous for sure, but she’s outside enjoying her back yard after being away with me in PA for a few days. So from both of us, Happy Birthday and many many more to you!


  2. Happy Birthday X 10 from us. Salmon treats are some of our favorites. You lucky girl. Our mom thinks those toys with no stuffing sound great. We like spreading the stuffing all over the house.


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