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Mama Robin . . .

. . . has built her new nest.

Earlier this spring she was hustling about collecting twigs and grasses.  She built her first nest in the hawthorn tree by the road next to the mailbox.  The  hawthorns have always been prime real estate for the birds because of the protection the dense leaves and thorns provide and winter berries.  But this hawthorn has fared poorly over the past couple of years because of droughts and ice storms.  When the tree service came this spring, they suggested that we take the tree down — after the baby birds had left the nest  🙂  One morning DH and Sydney went out to pick up the paper and found the babies had been taken from the nest.  They hadn’t survived.

A couple of weeks later we noticed Mama Robin back at work, collecting her nesting materials.  She’s a bird that learns from her mistakes — mostly.  This nest, as you can see, is under the eaves of the house, nice and secure above the elbow of the downspout.  She’s way above the ground, out of the reach of the neighborhood cat, in the back of the house.  Only problem — this is right on the corner of our deck.  I love my deck and DH and I sit out there almost every afternoon and evening.  Sydney loves her deck and loves to pace along the railing to check out the yard.  This may be a protected spot for Mama’s nest, but it is not a quiet spot.

Every time the back door opened for the first few days, Mama flew to the flower bed or trees and fussed a bit.  But now she holds her ground and tries to stare us down.  She’s willing the share the space as long as we stay away from her corner.  I’d love to take a peek at the nest to see how many eggs are tucked inside.  But the poor bird has been through enough.

Stay tuned  🙂   Updates will follow.

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  1. I had seen several broken robin eggs lately, and hence I thought the new ones were already hatched. I guess one never knows for sure. I had two bushes by my front window and the birds used to nest in there, but last year I had my son-in-law take them down. Then there was a huge nest built in the maple in my front yard. It’s one with very large leaves, so is good cover for the birds. The only problem with it is that my van is in direct path of the flight line! It can get frustrating to have to keep going through the carwash! Have a blessed day, Janet!


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