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Keeping the World Safe . . . — DOT

. . . from those pesky squirrels.  At least keeping them off the bird feeders in our yard.  That’s a never ending job for Sydney.  And she takes her job very seriously.  I have to admit that I enjoy watching their acrobatics on the feeders.  But I’d never tell her that.

As soon as the screen door to the deck slides to the side, the squirrel(s) freeze … and wait.  Sydney trots out, goes directly to the railings and scans her yard.  The squirrels scatter to a nearby tree or the fence.

She bounds down the steps and stares them down.

As she creeps forward like a good herding dog should, the squirrels hurry from branch to branch, tree to tree, until they’re in their safe spot.  This time it’s mid-way up the Dawn Redwood.

She plants herself at the bottom of the tree, stomps her feet a couple of times, and watches.  And warns.  And makes sure the message is clear.

The world yard is safe now.  Syd can take a well-earned rest and store up energy for the next squirrel invasion.

Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone!  Thanks for coming by to visit.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the World Safe . . . — DOT

  1. Great post, and great job Sidney. Maggie also knows how to creep up on things, but usually that’s the mice or moles because the squirrels she barks at. But she reminds me of a cat when she’s sneaking up on something. It amazes me for as noisey as dogs can be, they can also be very stealthy when the need arises! Have a wonderful day, Janet and Sidney!


  2. Sydney and Morgan would get along well. Morgan spends most of ther day watching the squirrels. There’s one baby squirrel that sits right on the windowsill and stares back at Morgan. It drives her nuts.


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