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T’s Home! – DOT

T’s home!  He rolled in late last night.  And a certain pup waited patiently most of the evening by the basement door.  Listening for the sound of the garage door opening.

Sydney’s found a new place to rest and wait in the family room.  She likes to lay behind the recliner and hide under her chair cover throw that hangs down over the back.  An extra bonus is that it makes a great hiding place when Mom gets the camera out  🙂

T rolled in late last night and we stayed up even later talking.  He’s home for four days and you can be sure that Sydney will stick to him like glue.  She loves her “boy”!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “T’s Home! – DOT

  1. Isn’t it interesting the way animals hear arrivals way before the rest of us? Our cats often sit by the window as we pull into the drive. Have fun with your son!


  2. Oh…Sydney is so sweet. My best friend was also a Sydney…she passed away 2 years ago but gave me so much love for 16 years! Thanks for sharing!


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