First Lace Weight Shawl

During Knit & Crochet Blog Month I talked about my journey in learning to knit lace.  All my lace shawls have been knit in fingering weight yarn, which creates a lovely fabric and shows great stitch definition.  I’ve been working up my courage (and skills) to try my first lace weight shawl.

May first, I joined a Knit A-long on Ravelry for the 10 in 2010 Shawl.  After a visit to my LYS, I came away with this creamy yellow Cascade Alpaca and new lace needles.  It took a bit to get used to such fine yarn.  It was a shaky start, a slow start, but a start.  I finally found my rhythm and was doing well on this beautiful pattern — starting my fourth repeat of the set up chart, about 30-40% completed.  Then I saw the mistake way back at the beginning.  There was no way to fix it, so I set it aside for several days while I tried to decide if I could live with the mistake or if it would have to be frogged.

Well, I couldn’t live with it.  So here’s my second start on 10 in 2010 Shawl by Janine Le Cras.

It’s a great pattern and the alpaca is so soft.  Now that I’ve gotten over the whole frogging thing, I’m again enjoying the knit.

Have you ever had that “frog it or leave it” decision?  How do you choose?

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2 thoughts on “First Lace Weight Shawl

  1. Very pretty. Nice choice in yarns. Me-depends on the mistake and where it is. If it is a mistake only I would know where it is and no one else would ever notice, it stays. Usually though, like you, I can’t live with it and correct it.


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