What’s Your Travel Project?

The 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge (group on Ravelry here) has been fun so far.  For some reason, when I signed up I didn’t realize that shawls would pretty much dominate my knitting time this year.  Especially since I’ve been picking up more cross-stitch projects this year also.  So I’ve been looking for shawl patterns that meet the yardage requirement (250 meters/273 yards) and work up a little faster than lace.  Terhi Montonen’s Lacy Baktus was just what I was looking for.

I’ve had my eye on the Lacy Baktus scarf for a while.  Earlier, while the 10 in 2010 Shawl was in time out (read more here), the Lacy Baktus seemed like a perfect “in-between” project.  Easy garter stitch, simple increase/decrease, with a nice yarn over eyelet to keep me interested.

And the yarn!  Bright, Bold and Beautiful!  Premier Yarns Serenity Garden, color GEMS.  It’s a sport weight microfiber and since it’s not going to stretch much or block, I’ve added length so it can wrap around the neck or drape around the shoulders.

The Lacy Baktus is becoming my travel knit.  Which means it won’t be finished very quickly.  But that also means that I’ll get to work on this fun project for a little longer than most.

And, yes, the lace weight shawl is coming along nicely now.  Thanks for asking  🙂

Do you knit/crochet when you travel?  in the doctor’s office?  What types of travel projects to prefer?

As always, your visits and comments are always appreciated.  Enjoy the day!

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  1. Sorry about the multiple posts, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like me….. I love to knit in the car (as a passenger)and seem to get the most done then. Your lacy Baktus looks like an interesting project.


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