Dogs on Thursday

A Little Help, Please – Dogs on Thursday

T has a favorite “game” that he’s played with Sydney since she was a pup.   And he always has a go at least once when he comes home for visits.  I’m not convinced that Sydney sees it as a game, but more of an aggravation.  She could walk away and ignore it, but she loves her boy and always plays along.

Ummm … A little help here.  Please.

Do you see it?  Right up there.  I’m pointing as best I can.

Yep, that’s my collar on the ceiling fan.  My favorite blue one with the pink stars.

Thanks, T, for getting my collar down.  I won’t tell anyone that you put it up there  😉   oops … I think I just told Mom and the rest of her blog friends.

Ahhhhh.  That’s better!  OK.  Game over.  You owe me a cookie, T.  Maybe two.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

and Mom

4 thoughts on “A Little Help, Please – Dogs on Thursday

  1. awwww poor Syd! Way to go T…making her all frustrated and overly focused. Pick on someone your own size/species! 😉


  2. Thor plays any game his human brothers want him to play. Then they give Thor cookies. He thinks it’s worth the aggravation. They do love their boys, no matter how big the boys get!


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