Robin Update

A couple of weeks ago I told you the story of Mama Robin and her unsuccessful first nest and that she moved on to build her second nest on the top of the downspout by the deck.  She would have liked for us to have turned the deck area over to her.  But I wasn’t giving up my deck easily.  We’ve come to an understanding — she keeps an eye on us and we respect her privacy.

Well . . . we have baby robins now!  Two babies to be exact.

I was beginning to worry a bit when I could see babies in the nest next door (in the same location on the downspout, how odd is that) but no activity in “our” nest.  Mama Robin was faithful and patient.  Although there were many times I wanted to grab a stool and take a look inside the nest when she was gone, I resisted because I didn’t want to scare her off.  She’d already had one trauma and I didn’t want to be responsible for her just packing up and leaving.

A couple of days ago when I stepped out onto the deck, she flew quickly to the fence and fussed loudly.  This was odd because she normally ignores us now.  When I glanced at the nest, I could see two bald heads with long necks and huge beaks.  We had babies!  I couldn’t get pictures then, she was just too upset.  But eventually our “understanding” returned and I’m able to sit on the deck and read . . . and sneak a few pics now and then.

Are you a bird watcher?  Do have any feeders out?  How about nesting robins?

Thanks for visiting today.  Enjoy your day and the long weekend!


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  1. We’ve only had a nesting robin once, and she bailed. The nest was in a rhodie by the garage door…too many folks walking by scared her off, I think.


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