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Weekend Wrap-up and the Christmas SAL

We had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  I hope you were able to enjoy time with family and friends … and find a little time for yourself as well.

Lots of stitching this weekend.  All the design and colors on Gardening Welcome are now completed and the long task of outlining has begun.  I’m not a fan of backstitch (I know some people enjoy it) but I love the change it makes in a design.  I’m taking it slow so I won’t get burned out and stop just short of finishing.  Yes, I’ve done just that many times before.  I should have this piece finished and ready to frame soon.  Although I have been thinking that it would make a cute pillow too.  There’s a lot of backstitching to do, so I have plenty of time to decide   🙂

I’m so excited!  I’m going to get my own craft room.  I’ve been crafting since before we were married, but never had a spot of my own.  Supplies and projects and all the bits and pieces have been stored in various spots and corners for so long.  Now, we’ve decided to turn the spare bedroom into a guest/craft room.  All my goodies in one spot, nice and neat and organized.  I’ll share pictures as we go.  For now, here are the paint colors that DH and I picked up this weekend.  The faded denim slipcover stays for now.  I love blues and yellows together.

Walls – Havana Cream
Trim – Irish Cotton (same throughout the house)

And .  .  .

The Christmas Design SAL (link on the sidebar) picks up again this week (first week of each month).  I’m even further behind on Christmas Patchwork, but it’s for a good reason.  I’ve not been satisfied with the snowflake squares since I started.  Two sections were completed with two different blended thread combinations.  This weekend I decided that it wasn’t worth my time to do any more work on this piece until I sorted out the snowflakes.  So with my handy-dandy seam ripper in hand, I took several deep breaths and frogged both squares.  It was strangely satisfying.  I was able to save the border on one square, but the blue fluff is all that’s left of the rest.  I’m ready to do some serious catching up now  🙂

Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up and the Christmas SAL

  1. I’ve done lots of frogging on my Christmas SAL, too. Bleh! Your comments on backstitch are like mine. As a result, I try to backstitch along the way…. I have that exact same garden kit. What a great idea to make a kit. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Judy. The Gardening Welcome would have been a perfect piece to backstitch each letter as it was finished. I’ll have to remember that idea. Thanks.


  2. Gardening Welcome is beautiful!

    I am also having issues keeping up in the Christmas SAL, but for very different reasons. I have made a little progress though.

    Have you, or anyone else in the SAL, heard from Yoyo lately!? She’s been so out of touch. I even sent a couple of emails with no response. I hope all is well with her.


    1. Hello, Julie. I haven’t heard from YoYo either. I’m sending good thoughts her way and hope she is able to return to her blog and the SAL soon.


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