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Bandana Day – DOT

Our friends on The Portuguese Water Blog are hosting their second Bandana Day.  Lots of friends are celebrating by wearing this year’s color — red.

Sydney rarely sits still for pictures.  But when I explained the celebration, she struck her best pose.  It was hard to decide which picture to send in.

Serious Sydney
Smiling Sydney

Go on over and take a look at all the “fur friends” in red.  It’s quite a sight!

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4 thoughts on “Bandana Day – DOT

  1. Love the smiling pose! Been a bit under the weather last few days so no posts lately. I’ll get back to it eventually. Good job, Sidney!


    1. Hi, Rose. I spotted MaggieMae’s photo in her red sweater on Sue’s blog. Sydney says that she likes her smiling, “happy dog” picture best too. I hope you’re feeling better soon.


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