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Sydney’s Surgery

Sydney’s having surgery this morning to remove a tumor from her right bottom eyelid.

She’s had a small bump there since a pup.  Several months ago the bump started getting a little bigger.  We’ve tried drops and antibiotics, but there’s not been any real improvement.  Her eye is really red now and weeps from the irritation.  It hasn’t slowed her down, but she’s always rubbing and cleaning her eye.  Late last week the vet suggested it was time to remove it.  I hate to put her through surgery but we don’t want to invite infection or affect her vision.

She’s pretty miffed with us this morning.  She’s given us all the right “looks”, huffs and nudges.  And still no one realizes she’s missed breakfast.  And no walk with Dad.  People can be so hard to train sometimes.

DH and I are going to try to keep ourselves busy today until we can pick up our girl this afternoon.  She’s very healthy and very active.  Recovery should go well and that lampshade collar should be very interesting.


2 thoughts on “Sydney’s Surgery

  1. Janet, said a prayer for Sidney. And you. Waiting on the patient is as hard as being one. Sometimes harder for us humans. Lord willing, she will be fine.


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