Sydney Update

Good news — Sydney came through her surgery with flying colors!  She did really well and is coming along nicely today.  She hasn’t been nearly as groggy as I was expecting.

There were actually three growths removed from around her right eye, a total of 4 stitches.  They shaved a small circle around her eye for the surgery.  and she looks like she’s wearing a little monocle.  So far she’s only rubbed it a bit and has tried to scratch a few times.  No “lampshade” collar yet.  But we brought one home from the vet’s — just in case.  She’s not at all fond of us keeping such a close watch on her.  She prefers a little privacy.  But I’m not sure she can be trusted just yet.

She also had a broken tooth removed.  She cracked it when she was a pup and the vet has been watching it for problems.  She also got a good tooth cleaning at the same time.

Sydney is a tough little girl.  She wasn’t home an hour yesterday when DH took her to the back door for a little potty break.  As soon as the door opened, she charged out and treed a squirrel.  DH and I gasped.  But she just turned, did her business and trotted back in the house.  Nothing keeps our girl from putting pesky squirrels in their proper place.

I just discovered that this is my 200th post.  I can’t think of a better topic than good news about Miss Sydney  🙂

Thanks for the good thoughts sent our way.  We appreciate our friends very much!!


2 thoughts on “Sydney Update

  1. So glad for Sidney’s good report! It’s such a relief when our pets are doing better after some thing going on with them!! Good job Sidney!!


  2. Hey Sydney! 🙂 Glad to hear she is on the mend and acting like herself as much as she can. 🙂


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