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Sydney’s Turn – DOT

Sydney’s eye looks to be healing really well.  She has been The Best Patient – rarely scratching, taking her medicine, and she responds almost immediately when we tell her to stop rubbing.  Although she does give us an aggravated “look” as she slowly lowers her paw to the ground.

She’s been feeling so much better that she went with us on the Monday morning trip to the park.  We waited for Dogs on Thursday to share Sydney’s pictures.

We often stop to pick up breakfast on the way.  Syd knows that there’s always a bit of biscuit for girls that are quiet and wait patiently.

It was pretty hot, even early in the morning, so Sydney was content to stay in the pavillion for a while.

There are always lots of new sights and smells to check out on a walk around.

One last drink before we head for home.

Thanks for stopping by (and ignoring the dots) and Happy Dogs on Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Sydney’s Turn – DOT

  1. What a good girl she is! I wish I could get MaggieMae to be a little more patient when I have food. Well, I guess really she is because she doesn’t do anything but sit and stare till she gets the “last bite”. Have to give a taste to our best friends!!


    1. Ahh … “the stare”. They can make their needs or wants pretty clear by the way they look at us. 🙂


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