Christmas Patchwork Progress

Last week was the first week of July.  That’s the time we set aside to work on the Christmas Design SAL.  I spent most of my time stitching on Christmas Patchwork.  Here’s where I ended in June.

And here’s my progress for July.  There was a lot more stitching going on than the pictures show.

The blue snowflakes are really very pretty and now that I’ve found blending filament to suit me, I’m pleased with the way they look.  But  – Oh – My – Goodness –  they almost got the best of me.  I’d frogged them both earlier because I didn’t like the way they looked.  Then I was one stitch off on the second square and didn’t catch it until just a few stitches remained.  So the second patch was frogged again.

And finally, the snowflake was finished.  White garland was added to the Christmas tree patch, as well as the gold stars.  Phew!

There are 16 patches total in this piece.  With 9 patches completed (technically I’ve finished 12 patches if you count all the snowflake redos), I’m just over half-way.  Barring anymore visits from the frogs, I should be able to finish on time.

Christmas Patchwork is back in the bag until next month.  I’m working away on my secret knitting project and a new crochet bag for the craft room.  One chart left on the lace shawl.

It’s rained off and on all morning.  Good for the garden … good for knitting and stitching  🙂

Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting with me today!

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