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A Little Rambling . . .

After a nice quiet week, the weekend came on and passed quickly.

~ Syd and I had an all girls week.  We walked, we ate, she napped and I puttered around.  Syd’s not much on two-way conversation, but she is a pretty good listener.

~ Lots of progress on the Lucy Bag but I had to stop when I ran out of the twist yarn on Friday morning.
~ So of course I started a new cross-stitch to help fill the time.  Not that I needed to start anything since I have lots of WIPs.  More info soon.
~ Some progress on the secret project.
~ DH came home on Friday after being away at a conference all week.  Syd and I are very happy to have him home.
~ Sydney had her stitches removed on Saturday (more on that on Thursday).  And I made a quick run to get more yarn and lining fabric for the Lucy Bag.  Isn’t it pretty?

~ There was a pretty good storm Saturday night.  The electricity was out for 6-7 hours.  Sydney alternated between pacing the bedroom (ah, the click of nails on wood floors while you’re trying to get back to sleep), jumping on the bed (why does she always jump on my side), and lying on the rug panting heavily.  I absolutely hate it that I can’t seem to comfort her.
~ Sunday morning, this fella spent quite a while drying out on the back window.  Such a beauty!

~ I had a blog post all thought out Monday morning when DH asked if I wanted to have breakfast at home or stop at Panera’s and then run errands.  Panera’s orange scones are my favorites!  So yesterday’s blog post never happened.

~ Another visitor to the deck sat on the rail and watched me watch her.  Then she flew down directly in front of the door, picked up a little something for a nest and flew off.  Fun!

~ There was a much bigger storm last night.  Lots of wind and lightning, so we spent a little time in the basement.  Syd’s feels much safer there and doesn’t try to “dig her way to safety”.  Wherever she thinks that is.

Well, that’s it.  All caught up.  I’ll have a cross-stitch finish to share tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and thanks so much for visiting.


2 thoughts on “A Little Rambling . . .

  1. Janet, lovely bag and lining. You are so talented! Nice pics of the visitors too. I get them sometimes but by the time I grab my camera they are gone. Must be camera shy! MaggieMae and I usually spend bad thunderstorms on the bed in the spare room. She relaxes there and I lay next to her and watch the rain and lightning out the window (because I love thunderstorms!). I guess she just doesn’t see the beauty in them. Love seeing all the projects you do. I think I need a hobby!! Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Rose. Thank you so much for your kind compliments. I love crafting and have to have several projects going at all times. Maybe too many right now 🙂


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