Hectic and Exhausted

Hello, folks.  I’m finally finding a bit of time to return to the blog and my friends.  The days since my last post (15 days to be exact) have been hectic and exhausting, but I’m hoping it will begin to calm soon.

Peace Rose, August 2010

Sometimes, when things are moving along nicely and you think you have a well-planned course ahead, life throws in a curve just to change it up a bit.  Two weeks ago my 79-year-old mother had a fall in her apartment and broke her leg in three places.  Surgery has repaired the leg and all things considered, she’s doing well.  She wasn’t able to go back to her apartment from the hospital so we’ve been trying to help her settle in at a rehab facility.  Lots of changes for someone who likes to do things pretty much on her own terms.  God has been good and we are grateful!

I’ve thought of my little blog and my blog friends often, but by the time I get home each day I’m just too exhausted to start up the computer.  My free time is different but manageable now, so . . .

Let’s get back to the business of pondering” on knitting and crochet and cross-stitch and reading and gardening and . . . . visiting your blogs and saying hello. I’ll be around soon, I promise.

To get back in the swing of things, I’ve joined a new meme that starts tomorrow.  It’s called COLOR and sponsored by Jen at unglazed.

I’m glad to be back in “blogland”.  Thanks for visiting me!


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