COLOR – Week 1 – RED

Today’s post is brought to you by the color . . .

Jen is hosting a new mini meme on her blog, unglazed.  It’s called COLOR and starts today.  Each Monday for the next eight weeks we’re picking a crayon from the original Crayola 8-pack and posting about that color.  There’s more information here.

Today is the first day of school for teachers in our district.  Isn’t it appropriate to think of a nice red apple for the teacher  🙂

Our red chairs move all around the yard, but my favorite spot is under the canopy of the golden raintrees.

This Malabrigo tiziano red yarn is waiting patiently to be knit into a lacy shawl.

DH’s red hat makes him easy to spot in a crowd.  (He declined to model it today.)

Sydney wanted to share her favorite red thing too — her walking/jogging leash, of course.

Why not head over to Jen’s blog, scroll down to the bottom bar and check out some of the other COLOR blogs.  Take a look around you today and find some red things that make you smile.

Thanks for visiting today!  I always appreciate your visits and comments.


10 thoughts on “COLOR – Week 1 – RED

  1. Happy RED Monday! Sydney is so cute with her red lead. I love those red chairs underneath the Golden Rain tree too! Hope you’ll share a photo of the pretty shawl you’ll be making. Have a great day.


  2. You really do have so many wonderful reds around the house. I really like those red chairs in the garden – must look lovely under those golden raintrees – very hot and tropical too.

    🙂 Rosie


  3. Love your RED selections! The apple for the teacher brought back pleasant memories. When I was growing up, we had a large apple orchard and always had nice apples to take to school until late Fall.


  4. Great red photos! I love your little poochie with her red leash. Your red Adirondack chairs are really splashy. I’m SO pleased that you identified them as under Golden Raintrees. I planted a “stick” of a Golden Raintree(from Natl.Arbor Day Foundation) 4 years ago and it is about a foot and a half high now and doesn’t resemble much of a tree. NOW I have hope that my Golden Raintree will become a beautiful shadetree ~ someday. How old are your trees??


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