August TUSAL Update

Ooops . . . I discovered that I missed the August new moon on Tuesday.  It was my anniversary so I guess I have a pretty good excuse for being distracted 🙂

My little jar is almost overflowing.  The orts had to be pushed down a couple of times this month.  Inside are

  • a couple of scraps from Alex’s Cloth
  • green, yellow and brown threads from the August Sunny Sunflowers (also in the photo)
  • green, red and brown threads from the September piece (I’ll post it soon)
  • orange from a fall cross-stitch (another piece not yet shared)
  • red, yellow, blue and green cotton from all those stripes in the Lucy Bag

Do you save the tiny yarn/thread scraps from your project?  If you do, or you’d like to start, the Totally Useless Stitch Along (TUSAL) is a fun way to start.  You can join along by visiting the link in the sidebar.

Have a great day!  And thanks for visiting with me.