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COLOR on Mondays – Orange

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the color . . .

Week 2 of Jen’s (unglazed) COLOR on Monday meme features the color orange.  Orange wasn’t too easy to find around our house.  After a hunt through the photo archives, I found  . . .

. . . my favorite tangerine Fiesta dishes

. . . an orange daylily kissed by the rain

. . . a peachy gladiolus

. . . a pumpkin stitching in progress

. . . an orange Garfield clock.

How many orange things can you find today that make you smile 🙂 like Garfield?

I’m off to Jen’s to check on some other COLOR on Monday bloggers.  Thanks for visiting today!


9 thoughts on “COLOR on Mondays – Orange

  1. Orange used to be one of my favorite colors when I was younger! I had a beautiful orange sleeveless sweater I absolutely used to love, and way back when… I always wanted a navy couch on an orange shag rug! Fortunately that never happened, it would have gotten old fast… LOL!!!


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