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The Blur – Dogs on Thursday

The Blur . . . . . . . that’s my new nickname for Sydney.  I’ve mentioned before that she’s a bit camera shy, looks away from the camera.  And when she hears the camera “bell” when it’s turned on, she tries to trot off to another room if there’s time.  Syd’s a cutie, with tons of personality, and lots of funny expressions and actions.  Capturing any of that on camera is quite a challenge.

Last night, DH was working at his desk and Sydney was “helping”.  She watches, waits, explores the area, naps, and keeps me from interrupting — that “helping”.  She was so cute.  I thought I’d grab a couple of quick photos for today’s post.  Here’s they are 🙂

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Thanks for visiting us today.



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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Bucky used to be a blur too when he was a puppy, it was so hard to get a good picture of him. Looks like you finally caught some good ones of Sydney, she deserves a cookie for that 🙂


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