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Good Morning

These past four weeks have been hard.  I hauled myself out of bed this morning trying to think of good reasons not to take a walk.  I felt like the tank was empty and I was running on fumes.  Well, DH and Syd left ahead of me and I tied my shoes, grabbed the Shuffle and headed out.

God has a wonderful way of saying good morning!

I hope you enjoy your day.  Mine’s off to a very good start.


3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I sometimes find it difficult to do a morning walk too, and invariably it is a slower walk than an evening one. However, I have learned with persistance it pays off. I end up having more energy for the day and glad I did it. Now that the past few mornings have been a bit cooler it has made it easier to get going. What a beautiful picture God painted to make your walk worthwhile besides the physical benefits!! I am learning to try to enjoy each and every moment of my day. Sometimes it’s harder than others, but I persist. And if I have a day where I feel drained and kind of just muddle through it, there is always the next day (Lord willing). God bless you, Janet.


  2. What a lovely photo, Janet. So many of our mornings are grey with clouds, so I really appreciate seeing a beautiful sunrise. Hope the rest of your day was wonderful. Thanks for your good wishes! BTW, I love your Lucy bag!


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