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Syd In a Tangle – Dogs on Thursday

Miss Sydney likes to have “conversations”.  That translates into climbing in your lap with her front feet while the back legs stand on the floor.  She stares and smiles while you give her back and sides a good rub.  Syd’s a “lapdog wannabe”.  It doesn’t matter if your lap is full, if there’s no room for a dog at the moment.  She doesn’t mind rearranging whatever your working on so that she fits.

A couple of days ago, Sydney marched into the craft room, straight to the rocker where I was working on the ribbing of a new sweater.  I could tell by the look on her face that we were going to have a “talk”.  I tried to put the knitting down quickly, but just wasn’t fast enough.  Her paws got tangled in the yarn and as she jumped down it was wrapped around her back leg.

Knowing that this was not a good thing, she made a dash across the room to Dad for help and possibly protection.

She looked so confused and a bit guilty.  Sydney knows that Mom’s yarns are off-limits.  But this stuff just wouldn’t let go.  Added to that was the insult of Mom grabbing the camera to capture that sweet little face.

“All I wanted was a little ‘conversation’ with my mom.”

Just in case you’re wondering  ~  No dog, yarn or knitting was harmed during this conversation 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Syd In a Tangle – Dogs on Thursday

  1. Awe poor Sidney. So why only a lapdog wannabe? MaggieMae weighs in about 50 lbs. and loves to get on my lap! In fact if I’m laying on the couch, she figures she has every right to lay there too… on top of me!! Come on, Sidney, do it right! LOL.


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