Color on Mondays ~ Green

Week 4 of Jen‘s COLOR on Monday meme is brought to you by the color . . .

It’s not easy being green in our house.  There’s just not much green to be found.  I do have pale dill walls in the family room/kitchen.

And there’s a country green border on the granny square afghan that I’m working on for the craft room.

We have quite a collection of terrariums, five to be exact.  DH picked up the hobby a couple of years ago.  Our dining room has the perfect light.  This is one of my favorites.  Can you see the little bunny sitting under the canopy of green leaves?

Lots of pretty greens in the garden . . .


wisteria seed pods

This cactus is growing in a hollow tree stump at the park.  When it was first planted, it was small.  Now it’s expanded so that you wouldn’t know the stump was there.  And the blooms are beautiful each year.

Last, a little green goodness from the yarn closet.

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Enjoy your day!


10 thoughts on “Color on Mondays ~ Green

  1. Happy green Monday Janet-
    Look like once you started looking green was abundant.
    I remember trying one of those terrariums years ago~~
    but I don’t have a green thumb. 😦


  2. Hi Janet

    I am amazed at the wisteria seedpods – I never see many wisteria at this time of year so didn’t realise how unusual their seedpods were. Terrariums are something that I admire though I’ve never had one.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – I had only set up the new comment system and so far it looks as if its working well. Have a great week 🙂


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