Color on Mondays ~ Blue

Today’s post is brought to you by the color . . .

soft blue skies and fluffy white skies make me smile.  I take soooo many pictures of the same sky and it’s never quite the same  🙂

blue morning glories have invaded the garden.  This one crawled up between the deck floorboards and has established itself well.

beautiful pearl blue markings on a visiting butterfly who graciously posed for lots of pictures

blue water globes have worked overtime this summer hydrating the flowers

cobalt glass in a sunny window

T brought this Evil Eye back from one of his trips to Greece.  We hang it backwards, facing us, so that we can enjoy the design.

My favorite blue shawl — Kellokuka.  The beautiful blue yarn is called “impressionist sky”.

Follow the link in my sidebar to Jen‘s blog for a list of all the folks sharing beautiful blues on COLOR Monday.

Happy Labor Day, friends!

10 thoughts on “Color on Mondays ~ Blue

  1. Happy Monday Janet
    Oh you have so much more blue around than I do!
    I guess that’s why I love the blue sky when it makes an appearance.
    Have a great week!


  2. What a beautiful shawl! And the other pictures are pretty too. I love the blue morning glory. I’ve always wanted some of them in my yard. And the glass is nice too.


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