Dogs on Thursday

Not in the Mood – Dogs on Thursday

Sydney doesn’t feel much like blogging today.  She’s just not in the mood.  T has been here for the last week or so and she’s loved having her boy home.  This afternoon he leaves for Greece and won’t be back until Christmas.  Syd started moping Tuesday night when she noticed him starting to pack.  And today, she’s been pretty cuddly.  It’s tough on a pup that has a traveling boy.  She’ll have to give his room a good going over tonight and tomorrow morning — just to be sure he’s not hiding somewhere.

We’re planning to set up Skype after he gets settled.  I doubt she will be able to see him on the screen (although we did have a dog once that really did watch TV — really).  I’m curious to see how she’ll react to hearing his voice.  Maybe she’ll sit still long enough for me to get a picture.

Well, off to help pack — actually the best way for me to help is to not “help” at all  🙂

Happy Dogs on Thursday and thanks for stopping by!


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