I was trying to fix it …

but it only got worse.

Remember the “secret” project I started a while back?  It started with lots of swatching to find a patter I liked.  Then there was the tremendous tangle of yarn (same link as above).  Well after that, the project has been going really well.  It would get a rest now and again while I finished up another project or two.  And it really grew during all the hospital knitting.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a mistake in the edging.  Several rows back, I purled when I should have knit.  So I though I could rip back just the border and re-knit.  Shouldn’t have been hard — right?  Wrong!  Every time I re-knit the edge it developed gaps and then holes.

I give!  I was just trying to fix it … but it only got worse.  I give!  The loose stitches are on a holder and I’m tinking back the rows until I can fix it properly.

The sun is bright with a bit of breeze.  Perfect for a glass of green tea and knitting on the deck  😉

I appreciate your comments and visits so much.  Thanks for spending a bit of time with me today!


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