Dogs on Thursday

National Dog Week

We just found out that this is National Dog Week.  We saw it first on Lapdog Creations, along with information about Twinkie’s Show Your Tongue contest.  Well, Mom doesn’t know if we’re going to enter or not.  But I wanted to celebrate the week and decided to search through my extensive photo collection to see if I could find a suitable entry . . . just in case.

Bath time ~ soapy water runs down your nose ~ not a good taste.

Just finished a good “rub and roll” on Mom and Dad’s bed.

One week after my eye surgery ~ I was happy to finally be out of the house and at the park.

Mom just thinks I look especially cute in this one.

So what do you think?  The first photo is Mom’s favorite.  Dad and I are partial to the second.

Have a Happy Dogs on Thursday!


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