First Toe-up Sock

I needed a small project to take on our Fall Break road trip.  DH loves his Cauchy socks and wears them all the time.  He even wore them hiking while we were away.  So it seemed a good idea to take a pair of socks on the trip.  After a look through the stash and a search on Ravelry for a nice men’s sock pattern, I decided on Storm by Diane Mulholland (free download on Ravelry).

DH has had his eye on this yarn for quite a while.  It’s Zitron Trekking Pro Natura’s walnut burl.  This yarn has auditioned for a couple of shawls and a scarf.  But it was meant to be these socks.

This is my first attempt at toe-up socks.  The idea makes such sense to me.  I had to give it a try.    The picture is of the third start of the same sock.  You know how that goes when you’re learning something new  🙂

Now, we won’t discuss the fact that I have a sock for me on the needles right now.  And that it would have made sense to finish that sock first.  I’m pretty adept at starting and tiring and not finishing.  But when you find someone who enjoys wearing something you’ve made just for them . . . well . . .

~ ~ <> ~ <> ~ <> ~ <> ~ <> ~ ~

Still working on road trip pictures.  Some were on my camera and some are still on DH’s.  I started another project just before we left and it got a bit more attention on the trip because it required less concentration.  I’ll share that tomorrow.

The temps are around 75 here and the colors are beautiful.  Thanks for visiting me.  Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “First Toe-up Sock

  1. Good luck with the toe up sock! I still haven’t tried knitting one that way yet. (yeah I know, I’m chicken) But I really do like knitting top down socks. And don’t feel bad about having another on the needles. I have 3 different ones (one for the car, one for the evening, one with a complicated pattern) on the needles and I’m thinking of starting another!!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy knitting that first sock. It’s the second one that seems to be my problem. So far, toe-up is going well. Next challenge will be the heel. Thanks for visiting me today!


  2. Your Storm is another toe up sock, and one of these day’s I’m going to get up my nerve and try it. Where’d you find that Cauchy pattern? That looks like a nice one also.


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