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Fall Break Road Trip II

From Shaker Village, we drove to Pine Mountain State Park.  Beautiful scenery.  Fall colors were finally starting to show.

DH took the trail behind the lodge while I sat by the window, enjoyed the lovely mountain view and knit on the Ulmus shawl.

The next day, we set off for Cumberland Gap.  Called the “Gateway to the West” this is the passage the settlers took through the mountains as they traveled to the west.  We drove up the mountain (you can also walk) and hiked a short way up to Pinnacle Overlook at the very top.  The panoramic view is stunning.

A view of Fern Lake from the Overlook.

The view spans three states – Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The city of Middlesboro is built in the basin of a meteorite crater.  The road in the top right corner (looks like two parallel lines) leads to the tunnel through the mountain.

This marker in the gap is just barely visible from the overlook, could be easily missed.  I zoomed, zoomed, and zoomed again to get this picture.

The trail from the overlook takes you past the ruins of Fort Lyon, a Civil War fortification.

It turned into a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  From Cumberland Gap, we moved on to Cumberland Falls for the last three days of our trip.  That will be another post.

Thanks for visiting today and letting me share some of my memories with you.  I hope you’ll come again.



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