Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday

There are three things that Sydney has very little patience for — dressing up, posing for the camera and being laughed at.  I’m afraid I crossed the line on all three yesterday.

With Halloween just around the corner, it was time to decide on a costume for Sydney.  Last year, Sydney the Ent.  This year . . .

Sydney the Butterfly

First we tried pictures outside on the deck.  I’m sure the neighbors got a kick out of watching me wrangle the costume, the dog, the camera and bribes treats.

She was so cute and so obstinate and so hyped all at the same time.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

After a little rest, ’cause Mom was wearing out and Sydney’s patience was wearing thin, we tried a few pictures inside.

No more smiles.  Just take your picture Mom.

I’m done.  No more pictures.  Done.

Right after I snapped this Syd rolled on her back, mashing the wings to the floor and wiggling and waving her legs in the air.  It was so quick that there was no chance for a picture.  Hilarious!

Mom knows that instead of being inside, taking frou-frou pictures, I should have been out here . . . doing important work like watching for squirrels.

Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone!  Be sure to visit the DOT page here to see what other people and pups are up to today.



2 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday

  1. Right on Sidney! I’m with you! I’m so glad my mom does not dress me up for Halloween! (By the way, maybe your mom should try the butterfly wings on herself… yukyukyuk!


  2. Sidney, you make a pretty butterfly, but your wreath of leaves is really beautiful. I need to keep that in mind for next year. Did your Mom make it?


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