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Knitting Updates

Happy November!  We had a lovely, crisp fall weekend.  Cool nights, sunny and breezy days.  Just lovely.

I had a little time this weekend to sort through the knitting projects.  I’d almost forgotten about a few I found in the baskets.  I’ve decided to frog a couple, stash a few away for a while and get back to work on what’s left.  There are several UFOs not pictured here.  These are the WIPs I’m going to concentrate on right now.

Aquamarine Charades – first pair of socks just for me, one sock finished, second sock almost to the heel

10 in 2010 Shawl – first lace-weight shawl, stalled at attaching the second skein for the edging chart

Ulmus Reprise – slipped stitch rib section finished, just started the lace this weekend

Storm Socks for DH – first toe up socks, finishing heel of first sock

Killington Scarf – frogged the first try and started again on larger needles, much better fabric

Greek Meander Afghan for T – started this before I started blogging, five repeats to go and then an edge, time to get this finished

I don’t really have a plan for these projects.  I know some folks create a rotation so that everything gets a turn.  And some just dig in and concentrate on one thing at a time.

What about you?  How do plan so that your WIPs get finished?

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It was a lovely weekend here.  We took my mom to High Bridge for a look at the fall colors.  It wasn’t really all that colorful, but she enjoyed getting out.  Halloween Trick-or-Treaters came on Saturday night here.  We had the fewest visitors ever, but also some of the cutest costumes.  And I was able to finish two cross-stitch pieces yesterday (pictures coming).  Busy weekend passed and a busy week ahead.

Thanks for coming by today.  Your visits are always appreciated!  Any advice for getting these knitting projects finished?  What’s on your agenda this week?


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  1. No advice from me….too many WIPS of my own, so will be interested to hear what people suggest! We only had two trickster groups last night here. Everyone almost in our n’borhood has grown up it seems.


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