Ready to Block

Ulmus is off the needles and one step away from being finished.

Once I finally got past the slipped rib stitch, which is really attractive and soft but oh-so-tiring, the lace edge went very quickly.  The lacy leaf design is really pretty.  And I’m totally in love with these colors.    I’ve set aside some blocking time this weekend.

~ ~ <> ~ <> ~ <> ~ <> ~ <> ~ ~

Just a little aside . . . Notice the scratch marks at the bottom right of the picture?  That’s Miss Sydney’s “signature”.  I do my blocking on T’s bed and I suspect Syd might have napped there on occasion.  I think she was telling me my ‘stuff’ was in her way.  Thank goodness no knitting or pins were on the tiles at the time  🙂

Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Wednesday!  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Ready to Block

  1. That’s a fabulous shawl, Janet. I love the color; what’s the yarn? I, too, have lots of stuff on my needles and a few quilt projects going….am way to good at starting stuff. What’re you reading these days?


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