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Disaster Averted and Reading Update

The Killington Scarf is killing me 🙂

I’m going to love this scarf  ~~  I love the lace.  The pattern is very easy to follow.  The color changes in the yarn are such fun.

I’m not loving it so much right now  ~~  I have started over three times.  First time, I really didn’t like the fabric and moved up a needle size.  Second time, I made a simple little mistake at the edge with an extra YO but didn’t discover it until several rows later.  Shouldn’t have been a problem to fix, but it turned into such a mess.  I wasn’t very far along so I gave in and frogged.

Third time’s a charm – right?  Well, yesterday I took my car to the shop and had a whole hour to myself.  A whole hour to knit on the Killington Scarf – yea!  When the car was ready, I put the scarf in my bag and headed home.  A few hours later, when I pulled it from the bag to do some TV knitting, I discovered that half the stitches had fallen off the needle.  Ever so gently I picked up the stitches, counted – 3 stitches missing, and began to tink back.  Luck was on my side.  Two rows and all was well.  I knit ahead and then stretched everything out.  The lace is fine – another yea!

Disaster averted!

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Ulmus Yarn

In the comments on Wednesday, Judy asked about the Ulmus yarn.  I used Malabrigo Sock in abril and indiecita.  I love this yarn for shawls.  It blocks beautifully and is so soft.  Ulmus will hit the blocking tiles this weekend and although the weather is going to turn wet and cold, I’ll try to get pictures next week.

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Quick Reading Update

I started Home at Rose Cottage by Sherryl Woods last week and realized that it’s really a bundled book containing the first two books of the Rose Cottage Sisters series.  The series is about the D’Angelo sisters, who each journey ‘home’ to Rose Cottage (left to them by their grandmother) to sort out their lives and loves.

Finished the first book, Three Down the Aisle, yesterday and started the second book, What’s Cooking?.

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My weekend plans include the Killington, blocking Ulmus, planning some cross-stitch and reading.  I’ll have to throw in some house cleaning somewhere – maybe   🙂

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you enjoy your weekend plans?



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  1. Oh, that is going to be really pretty. Glad you didn’t pitch it! There must have been something in the air as I had a similar problem with my South Fork socks. They are back on track, too. Hurrah! That sounds like an interesting series…..


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