Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday

Sydney loves to help Dad with the yard work.  A couple of weekends ago, Dad brought the ladder out of the garage.

Are we trimming the trees today, Dad?  I’ll go ahead and get started trimming this stick.  Call me if you need me.

What’s that?  . . . You need help with that ladder?

I’m a big help.  Watch me jump!

I could have been in the circus!

But I’d have to leave my Dad.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday

  1. Such a precious post! I’ve been very bad about posting lately. I think I have a picture or two of Maggie in my camera. I better get on the ball!


  2. Wow, you’re a good helper. We like to do yard work too, but we’re not allowed near the ladder. Bailey climbs it and Mom is afraid she’ll escape.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties


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