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Post Thanksgiving Post

“Post Thanksgiving Post” . . . Sorry, the words just make me smile.  Silly, I know.  Maybe I’m on a pumpkin pie overload   🙂

First Snow

We woke up to a surprise this morning . . . our first snow.  Just a simple dusting, so pretty.  And soooooo cold.

Sydney was delighted with the snow until she spotted squirrel tracks on the deck.  Squirrels are barely tolerated in the yard, and certainly not on the deck.  All’s clear now, but it was lovely while it lasted.

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After Thanksgiving Crochet

I haven’t worked on the Granny Afghan in months.  It was the perfect project while we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on tv.

Twelve squares finished.  Now that it’s colder, I’m feeling a little more motivated to get moving on this again.

Finding a new color combination for each square has been part of the fun.  I’m duplicating a square each time I find one especially appealing.

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We’ve avoided the day-after-Thanksgiving-shopping-crush for several years now.  Did you venture out?  Or did you stay in today and do a little crafting like me?  Either way, I hope you’re enjoying your day.  Your visits and comments are always appreciated!


7 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Post

  1. I like your Post Thanksgiving Post! 🙂 I did not venture out to shop with the crowds. My new friend and I took his mom and went to an Amish store he’d heard about. I was delighted as they had many of the same type of products I went to one with my sister in KY when I was there in June. So I bought a few items there. It was not as big as the KY store, but interesting just the same. And it was a nice ride also. Now to finish off watching the Sabres hockey game in a few min. with my friend. I’d never been interested in hockey much, but it’s amazing what a woman will do when she meets someone she wants to share things with!


  2. I love the look of granny squares they are the only reason I want to learn to crochet so I can make tons of them lol.

    I avoiding going out at all today it seems these sales bring out the worse in some people. I stayed in drooled over some yarn online & spent the day knitting.


  3. My pack is wishing for snow, but all we’ve had is rain.

    We avoided the stores and had our annual Thanksgiving scrabble game. I’ve won the last two years, but lost by four points this year.


  4. Love your pretty granny squares, Janet; you picked great colors! We had our first snow, too; what a mess. With our hills, it doesn’t take much to shut down the whole city. We drove south through snow to the OR/WA border, headed to CA. It was unseasonally cold there also!


  5. A group of us from church decided to make an afghan one year to donate. we did granny squares. Well…what a disaster that was. Five different people crocheting squares resulted in five different sizes of squares, so when it was time to put it together it was very challenging.


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