I’m Hooked . . .

. . . on crochet (pun intended)   🙂    Really.  I can’t seem to stop.

Just after Thanksgiving, I started working on the granny squares after a long time off.  They’re just addictive — 16 squares completed now.  There would be more but I’ve been distracted by these . . .

Aren’t they just the cutest?  The only thing cuter is the name of the pattern . . . Grandma Twinkle.  Gotta love it!  I found this great tutorial on The Royal Sisters’ blog.

To make it easier on my hands, I went up a size on the hook (used size F) and decided to stop after the second round to make a smaller star.  I’m using up some leftover yarn (Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn!) in a color called sparkle.  There’s a thin, silver thread running through the white yarn.  Perfect.

Original pattern on the bottom, two-round star on top.

18 little twinkle stars should make a perfect garland for over the mantel.  Just need to chain them together.

Next up, a set of red.  Then maybe a few more to tie on Christmas packages.  Seriously . . . I’m hooked   🙂

Have you ever gotten hooked on a small project that you just made over and over again?

Thank you for stopping by today.  I always appreciate your visits and comments.  Enjoy your day!


3 thoughts on “I’m Hooked . . .

  1. I can’t crochet. My hands cramp up when I try, but I have favorite knitting patterns I go back to time and again. I made little Christmas stockings for all 14 of our vet techs one year. Each was different. Thank was fun.


  2. Cute! I’ve been making an assortment of animals from my penguin pattern…….Love the snow on your blog, the kind you don’t have to shovel!


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