Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday

Sydney’s not her usual, perky self.  Her boy is leaving today.  She saw the signs all last night.

T’s big black suitcases are spread open on the floor of his room.  And instead of watching TV, working on the computer or playing with Syd, he’s walking around gathering his things.  She did her best to help him pack.

Sydney has had to climb in his lap and make him stop to “talk” every time he sits on the couch.

She’s enjoyed lots of wrestling on the floor, a free run at the park, lots of good back rubs, many snacks and morning naps in his room.

She’ll have to investigate his room a couple of time this afternoon to make sure he didn’t leave anything important.

And she’ll miss her boy.  But no worries, he’ll be back at the end of the summer.


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