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Happy Monday!

There haven’t been any posts since Thursday because I’ve been a little distracted.   I’ve been wanting to participate in the 365 Project for several years now (you document your year by taking a picture each day). Each year I’ve spent so much time pondering and dithering about whether to start, how to start, where to share, that … well … I just never got started.

So, I spent the past weekend setting up a photo blog  ~  Pixelknit’s Photo Blog.  I love taking pictures and want to improve my photography skills.  The best way to do that is to take lots of pictures.  And I do.  Sometimes, all the good shots get lost in the photo archives.  With the Photo Blog I’ll be able to see my progress (good progress, I hope) and stay motivated.

If you’d like to see how things are going, you can follow the link in the sidebar.  Sometimes there’s a little description of why a picture was chosen or something special that happened that day.  And sometimes it’s just the product of playing around with the camera.  The set-up is still in progress, but I should have it finished soon.

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Today is also Meander Monday and I spent some time this morning on T’s afghan.  DH and I ran errands and ate lunch out.  And after I finish this post and add today’s picture to the photo blog, I’ll sit down to add a few more rows.  So far, so good.

Enjoy your Monday, friends.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a Teaser Tuesday post.


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