Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday ~ Waiting for Dad

Sydney sat patiently one day this week, waiting for Dad to come home.

Somehow, she can hear the car coming down the road before it can be seen.


She starts her little dance and whine (we call it ‘leaking’ because it sound like she’s leaking air) as she runs to the window in the craft room to watch him park in the drive or pull into the garage.  Then she races to the basement door and down the steps to greet her dad.

If he stops to putter in the yard or garage before coming in, she’ll race up the steps to the window and back down until she can welcome him home.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


7 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday ~ Waiting for Dad

  1. My second husband was one who frequented the bars…and didn’t leave till closing time. We had a great dane at the time and she would start pacing the floor about the time he might have been getting into his car and starting it up! He would be at a place about 10 from home and she always seemed to know exactly when that was! Dogs are amazing! (Ex-husbands are not!)


  2. It’s the sweetest sight when a doggie is waiting for the hoomans to enter the house. Rascal still hasn’t figured out how the garage door opening is related to his hoomans yet, be soon!


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