Dogs on Thursday

Possum Patrol

Sydney had quite an adventure last week.  As you know, she’s quite serious about guarding her property . . . keeping watch for critters and uninvited visitors.  The deck offers the best view of the backyard.

Last Friday, as Sydney was surveying the yard, checking her birds and looking for squirrels and cats, she spotted a new visitor at the side of the house in the pyracantha bush.  She charged over to take a look.

Sydney had cornered an opossum and scared the poor thing to death — almost literally.  It had quickly flopped over on its side and “played possum” with its tongue hanging out.  Pretty convincing.  Syd was mystified and stood watch until Dad called her away.  The possum played dead for quite some time, even after everyone went inside.

Although cute, opossums aren’t particularly friendly.  An hour or so later, we went back to check and make sure our visitor had moved on.  It was still in the same spot, sitting up, waiting for an all clear sign.  Another hour and he had finally moved on.  Of course, Sydney checked the area thoroughly the next day — just to be sure.  I doubt, after this meet-up, that he’ll be visiting again.

What an adventure!

Happy Dogs on Thursday, everyone!






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