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March TUSAL Update

I didn’t really mean to take such a break from the blog.  Things get busy, you feel like there’s not much to say, so you skip a day or two. Another couple of days pass while you wonder how to catch up.  Then you’re getting out of the habit.  I’ve been knitting, crocheting, stitching, reading . . . just not blogging about it.

Well, this morning I took a look at the calendar and saw that today is the new moon and time for the March TUSAL update.  It seemed like the perfect way to jump back into blogland.

The sweet wooly sheep has hopped down from the bookcase to share the collection of orts.  Lots of floss from Winter and the Lion and the Lamb (also in the photo), and even more from another Crazy Challenge piece – Sunny Days – that I haven’t shared yet.  Also some yarn bits from the Scrunchable Cowl, 198 yds. of Heaven, and several crochet blocks for the 2011 Block-a-Month Ravelry group.  All the orts have been dumped into the big jar and the cup is ready to collect more.

More about the Totally Useless Stitch-a-Long and list of participants can be found by clicking the button in the sidebar.  Next new moon  and TUSAL update will be on April 3.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for coming by today ~

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