Seeking a Little Balance

I’ve hit a bit of a slump in blogging and crafting lately.  I’ve lost my motivation, my ‘get-up-and-go’.  Has this happened to you?

True to the name of this blog, I’ve been ‘pondering’ on this slump off and on.  I had a pretty good talk with myself and decided that I needed to find a little balance.  There are so many things on my “To Do” list and I want to do them all.  I need to take a good look at that list and decide what to keep and what to put aside.  And then I need to fine tune my time management so that I can enjoy the things left on the list.

While I was having this “talk”, I decided that the blog was definitely a keeper.  So, I won’t be blogging daily, and I won’t be giving myself a hard time about that.  I’ll return to journaling about my crafts, my reading, and little bits of life.  I’m going to start with a little rearranging of the blog and maybe a redesign.  Well, definitely some rearranging     🙂

If you’ve stuck with me through this ‘pondering’ . . . well, bless your heart and Thank You!

Have a great day, friends!


4 thoughts on “Seeking a Little Balance

  1. Hi Janet, Yep. I’ve been through it also. Everyone needs a little change now and again. For me, I take breaks from one craft and go to another or I find myself reading more, etc. The first of the year I needed a little change and redid my blog. I also don’t feel guilty anymore if I don’t blog daily. I blog when the mood strikes. I’m glad you decided to keep your blog, I enjoy reading it. Happy pondering!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate your comments. I’ve been working on setting some priorities and I know that will help. I feel the motivation returning. 🙂


  2. Hi There! Sure glad you’re not giving up on your blog because I enjoy reading it. It is easy though to let blogging take over your life; I, too, don’t post as often as I once did. What’s on your needles these days?


    1. Thank you, Judy. I started a new spring/summer top a couple of days ago. I’ve taken a picture or two to share soon.


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