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WIP Updates

Three WIPs have been getting my attention this week.

The first clue of the Mystery 220 April project is completed.  What do you think?  A fingerless mitt, mitten, glove?  We’re working from the top down with a provisional cast-on (blue yarn).  The yarn is Bernat Softee Baby in soft peach.  After much swatching, I finally found gauge on size 5 needles.

The Buttercup top is coming right along.  I’m about 4.5 inches below the underarm.  Lots and lots of plain knitting in the round now, with an increase row thrown in every 11 rows.  This yarn is so soft and lovely to the work with.  I’m pretty sure I’ll shorten the top a bit and, if there’s enough yarn, I’d like to have 3/4 sleeves.  The top has taken up residence in the knitting bag that I got for Christmas.

My poor husband has been waiting patiently for his next pair of socks.  I started the Storm socks on our trip in October, my first pair of toe up.  It’s not a hard pattern, the color is really nice.  But I just don’t like the yarn.  It’s a little stiff and twists really badly.  I’m constantly having to stop, stand up, dangle it down and let it untwist.  Sit, knit, stop, stand, untwist.  I put it in time-out for a bit and DH began asking about the progress on his socks.  Well, how can you quit on someone who is so supportive and actually requests knitted socks?  So . . . 2 inches more and the first of the pair will be finished.  The sock looks like such an odd shape.  I really need a sock blocker.

Last up . . . Tea in the Garden . . . Started on Day 3 of the Crazy January Challenge, I picked it back up this week.  A bit of frogging was needed, but I’m back on track.  I just love this teapot.

How is your week going?  What projects do you have in the works?

Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting with me.

2 thoughts on “WIP Updates

  1. hmmmm…. your mystery does look like a fingerless mitt.
    I understand about how hard it is to work on a project when you don’t care for the yarn. I have a sock sitting there that I haven’t touched in a yr because of that same problem.


  2. I love the way broken rib looks! I sure can’t keep up with those 220 projects…. Right now am doing the valentine scarf and trying to turn it into a shawl wich is making me crazy. Love that little teapot!


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