It’s a Mystery to Me

I enjoy “a-longs” — knit-alongs (KALs), crochet-alongs (CALs), stitch-alongs (SALs).  Being part of a group working on the same project at the same time is fun.  It’s nice to be able to ask questions and get feedback on your efforts.  And I really enjoy seeing everyone’s interpretation of the same pattern.

Mystery KALs offer another twist.  Everyone works along together, but what the finished project is and/or will look like remains an unknown until the end.  This may not be for everyone, but I’ve been enjoying these mystery kals a great deal lately.

Which is a little surprising really.  I’m a pretty structured kind of person.  I like to have all my ducks in a row before I start a project.  When I’m knitting I like to give some thought to matching patterns and yarns, reading through the pattern to be sure I’m comfortable with all the techniques.  I prefer to select projects that I can use or gift.  Bottom line — I like to be in charge of my knitting.

So the question here is . . . What’s a gal like me doing in so many mystery kals?  I can’t explain it.  I have three different mystery projects going on right now — three.  I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

After a bit of a slump, these projects are getting me enthused about my knitting again.  So for me . . . yea mysteries!  How about you?  Do you enjoy “a-longs” and/or mysteries?

Must knit on my mysteries now.  I hope to have pictures and more information on WIP Wednesday and, hopefully, I’ll have one finished for FO Friday.

Enjoy your day!


One thought on “It’s a Mystery to Me

  1. The first time I did a mystery quilt (still not done), I realized that I am definitely a big-picture person and am much more comfortable knowing what the finished project looks like. However, for some reason I find knitting mysteries easier, maybe because I’ve had more knitting experience. I did learn with the 220 KAL that I can’t keep up with a project a month though! Can’t wait to see what you’re working on!


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