WIP Wednesday #4

After a series of unfortunate events, the Mystery Medallion Shawl (Ravelry link or Knitting Like Crazy blog) from last week’s WIP Wednesday post was frogged.  I noticed a mistake when I posted progress pics, checked the pattern, and sure enough there were two extra yarn overs.  I first decided I could live with it, then realized I’m not that strong.  After much tinking/dropping/picking up and completely losing stitches, I had made a real mess of it.  So, I took a deep breath and frogged the whole thing.  Three days later, here I am — right back where I left off.

Now, I’m not a person who enjoys frogging and restarting.  Mystery knitting is a bit blind and I think frogging this time was a good thing for several reasons.

Reason the first :: Rewinding the yarn allowed me to soften the cake a bit and the yarn has finally stopped twisting back on itself.

Reason the second :: I’m slipping the first stitch of the row instead of knitting.  I like the edge this leaves.

Reason the third :: I’ve changed the way I do a couple of stitches and they seem to lay much better in the pattern.  For the ssk  – I slip the second stitch purlwise.  And for the sl1 k2tog psso – I switched to sl2 k1 psso (slipping the first 2 stitches, knitting the next stitch and passing the 2 slipped stitches over) which makes a nice point to the stitch.

Please don’t misunderstand.  This is a lovely pattern with very clear and well written instructions.  None of the changes were really needed – just personal preferences.  If you’re going to start over, well, you might as well make the best of it  🙂

What are you working on this week?  I’m joining in with Tami’s WIP Wednesdays.  Why not check out what other’s are up to today.

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11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #4

  1. I had considered changing the sl1 k2tog psso on the mystery shawl I’m doing to sl2 k1 psso so that the middle stitch will be on the top, but I decided I liked the pseudo-cable look traveling up the middle of the triangles like little X’s and left them there.

    I’m too lazy to change how I do SSKs. I’m even considering just doing k2togtbl instead of doing SSKs at all. XD


  2. I think you made the right call on starting over (as frustrating as it is!) – sounds like you’ll have something you’re happier with at the end. Lovely colour too 🙂


  3. oh no! sorry you had to rip it out and start over but I know how something small can bother you until you fix it (that’s how I am too!) It does look nice!
    And I love your other scarf. I haven’t worked on mine lately. Must be time to get it back out. Of course I tried the nupps and it’s a “no go!” so they are beads. 🙂


  4. I have frogged mine many times. I used a different chart in place of the garter rows, I am just not into garter st. I try, but I just can’t knit anything exactly as the pattern. Your changes haven’t changed the look, just the method of arriving there.


  5. Wow, you are fast! Sorry to hear about the frogging, but now you’ll be happier and each time you look at it, you won’t think about it being wrong. Plus, you get to improve it! Weirdly, I’ve always done ssk with the second one being slip as to purl.


  6. Bummer! I am still working on the Valentine mystery which I am converting into a triangular shawl and had real trouble with that diamond pattern also. Love the color yarn you’re using! And bravo for frogging; that’s my least favorite pastime but I seem to do it often!


  7. Hugs for having to frog, I’d have been heartbroken. In the long wrong though you wouldnt have loved the shawl as much with the little errors. Thanks for the tip on the sl1 k2tog psso I think I might change mine to that as its my most hated stitch.


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