One A Day

Did you notice the new button over in the sidebar?  It looks like this . . .

I’ve joined a new group on Ravelry.  Carole @ GingerbreadGirl has come up with a support group for those wanting to finish large projects by completing one small piece each day until the whole thing is done.  Brilliant!

Here’s the description from the group page.
This is a group for those who want to tackle a big project, but the idea is to work on only one element of your project everyday. It could be a granny square blanket where you work one square a day or a knitted blanket where you do one row a day, the choice is yours. You can pick any project you like and join in when you are ready. 

This is the perfect opportunity for me to get the Greek Meander Afghan finished — maybe even by Christmas?  I started the afghan for T several years ago and had a plan this past January to finish it up.  I followed the plan for a while and then the afghan returned to its spot on the hearth and has been picked up off and on.  More off than on to be honest.

Yesterday seemed the perfect day to get started on my “one a day”.  Here’s the plan:

  • 30 rows (246 sts/row) needed for the body of the afghan
  • 25-30 minutes to complete a row
  • 1-2 rows per day
  • 2″ crochet border to finish it off

I’m so excited.  Doing only a couple of rows each day is so manageable and leaves plenty of time to work on other things.  I CAN do this!

Do you have larger projects that just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list?  Why not join us in the One A Day group?


4 thoughts on “One A Day

  1. What a great idea. I’m famous for having multiple projects laying about……….even have a collection of them that are ‘only’ for the van & mobile type knitting & crocheting!
    I have a project for a client due for the holiday season (and I’m sure she means THIS years holiday season), and plan to break it down so it doesn’t swallow me up by the complexity of it all.
    Thanks for the motivation!



  2. I do have a large project that keeps getting pushed to the bottom because of other projects that need done “now”. So instead of one a day, my goal is for one day a week to work on that project. 🙂


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