One A Day Project ~ Tuesday’s Tallies

I’m making great progress on my One a Day Project — T’s Greek Meander Afghan.  (First blogged about One a Day here.)

Tuesday’s are tally days and I completely forgot last week so here’s my update from the beginning.  I’ve been doing one row each day since the first of September (12 rows so far – haven’t done today’s) and have finished the next-to-the-last Greek Key strip.  Yea!!  One more 20-row key to go.  I’m in denial about the never-ending border and concentrating on feeling good about my progress.  I think I stand a real chance of having this finished by the end of the year.  I have my eye on this or maybe this for my next big project and have promised myself I can start when the last key is finished.

You can see the week’s progress for other One a Day folks on Carole’s blog here.

I have lots of projects going on and hope to share a few WIPs tomorrow.  Enjoy your day!