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One of the nice things about being retired is that mornings no longer start with the buzzing of the alarm clock.  Sydney’s highly accurate internal clock makes sure that everyone is up by 7:00, and she does it so gently.  Imagine our surprise when we were awakened this morning by the weather siren around 6 a.m.  A tornado warning had been issued and we headed to the basement.  30-40 minutes later all was clear (with no problems in our area that I’ve heard of so far).  Heavy rain all morning, but all’s well now.  The sun is shining and the blue sky is full of fluffy white clouds.

You’d think with an extra hour this morning that I’d have lots more done today.  Not so much      😉

Sydney had a treat for lunch.  Dad and I went to Sonic for lunch.  The nice waitress always sweet talks Sydney and then brings tater tots that Syd shares with Mom and Dad.

Eating in the car is just the best!

I finally got around to updating the Photo Blog today.  Go on over and take a look if you’d like.

I never seem to tire of taking sky photos so there are some pretty nice ones this month.  This is my favorite so far.

I took this out the car window Sunday morning.  Love it!!

I’ve rambled enough.  Hope you’re having a great day.



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