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October TUSAL and More

One month (minus a day) since my last post.  Seriously?  One month.  How did that happen?  Lots of things going on and plenty to talk about.  Just not taking time to blog.  I’ve been pondering for a few days on how to “catch up”, but don’t have much of a plan.  J (DH) suggests I stop pondering and just jump back in.  Pretty good advice, right?  So . . . .

Yesterday was just a gorgeous day.  Mild temps, a little breeze and lots of sun.  I spent part of the afternoon on the deck with a glass of tea and knitting hexipuffs.  They are such a fun knit.  See my little helper in the top corner?  She just had a bath and is drying off in the sunshine with her head stuck through the slats looking for squirrels.

It’s good that we were able to enjoy the sun yesterday.  Lots of rain in the forecast.  Heavy rain today with wind, thunder, and lightning.  We were grocery shopping when the worst hit.  Poor Sydney absolutely hates storms.

We came home to this.  Apparently she tried to dig her way to safety in the craft room.  Afghan squares, yarn bag, cross-stitch basket, and supplies were all thrown out of the corner.  Luckily, the two lace shawls on the chair didn’t suffer.  They’re back in the gift box now   🙂

TUSAL Update

One last thing before I go today.  It’s time for the October TUSAL update.

In the jar :: yarn scraps from J’s hat and socks and hexipuffs.  Also threads from Falling Leaves (shown in the picture) started last week.

One more “last thing”     🙂      The Photo Blog has been updated through the 21st.  If you’d like to take a look, you can follow the link in the sidebar.

Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!


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