Hexipuff Update

November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).  The object is to post every day during the month.  I thought this might be a way to get back into the blogging habit after my slump in October.  I decided to play along, although I didn’t sign up officially.  Did you notice the count at the bottom of each post?  I was doing well – 13 days in a row – until the “busies” hit.  We’ll just have to see how many posts I can get in this month.

One-A-Day Tallies

The collection of hexipuffs grew by 7 since the last report, 23 total.  I finished the skein of Kroy Socks camo colors and added another red.  Still working with the skein of cascade colors in the Kroy.

This is the first time I’ve spread them out on the desk chair.  So cool!  I’d still like to add a couple more red, another dark turquoise and maybe a few golden brown or tans.

Its raining for the third day in a row and the temperatures are turning cooler.  Seems like a good day for a little laundry and adding a couple more hexipuffs to the jar.

Thanks for visiting me and enjoy your day!

NoBloPoMo  ::  14/30


2 thoughts on “Hexipuff Update

  1. What are you doing with the hexipuffs? I am busily trying to make a bunch of new things for Christmas and purchasing a new type of yarn (for me at least) this weekend. It has elastic in it! Have you ever worked with a yarn like that? Have a great day!!


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